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A dynamic flow of yoga postures using the breath to connect each movement with special attention to alignment.  A series of sun salutations, standing and seated poses, inversions, and backbends are used to build strength, flexibility, and calm.  Can be modified for any level from beginner to advanced.


A vinyasa flow class specially designed to be safe for all stages of pregnancy to help alleviate discomfort and prepare for childbirth. Concentration on shoulder and hip openers, side stretches, pelvic floor toning, and opening the pelvis.  All movements are modified for students' specific issues such as breech and posterior babies, diastasis, pubic symphysis pain, sacroilliac joint issues, piriformis syndrome, placenta previa, and acid reflux.


Kids Yoga

For toddlers to pre-teens, a playful yoga class using games, songs, and imagination to learn sun salutations, modified poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. (Kids classes are split into age groups approximately 2-4, 5-8, and 8-10)


A gentle vinyasa flow with emphasis on regaining strength in the core  and back, opening the shoulders and hips , and toning the pelvic floor.  BABIES WELCOME!


A series of 5-15 min poses designed to relax the body and nervous system. Poses are done completely on the mat with the support of blankets and props.   Suitable for all levels, injuries, and illness.


A gentle class adapted for people with injuries or physical limitation using props and a chair to assist with balance and support. 

Happy Hour Hatha

A fun, hour long vinyasa class filled with rock and psychedelic music held in your favorite bar or venue space, topped off with a drink after savasana.  Go to the  Contact page to schedule a class in your space.

Corporate Classes

A one hour group class offered in the office to combat stress and alleviate aches and pains of sitting in front of the computer all day.  Concentration on breath work, posture, neck and shoulder stretches, and hip openers.  Go to the Contact page to  schedule a class in your office.


Private Classes

Special Online Private 

(via zoom) 60 minute $80

Vinyasa Private

         60 minute     $110

         75 minute     $130

         90 minute     $150


             60 minute     $125

             75 minute     $150

             90 minute     $170

Corporate Group Class

             30 minute express     $100

             60 minute                  $170

             90 minute                  $225

Go to Contact page to schedule private classes
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