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Tara Ferri

Tara is a Brooklyn, NY based teacher trained in vinyasa, prenatal, postnatal, kids, and restorative yoga with 10 years teaching experience and 20 years of personal practice. 

She was first introduced to yoga in her late teens when she moved to NY for art school, and began practicing regularly 10 years later when debilitating bouts of arthritis prohibited her regular workouts.  Now all her arthritis symptoms have been nearly eradicated which she attributes to years of yoga and has made her sensitive to injuries and the need for modifications. Alignment is key so hands on adjustments and verbal cues are a consistent part of class, and the use of props is encouraged to ensure that students have a safe yoga practice.  

Certifications and Workshops


500 hr Vinyasa at  Atmananda Yoga Sequence

85 hr Prenatal/Postnatal at The Prenatal Yoga Center

25 hr Restorative at Yoga Vida

25 hr Kids with Om Schooled at Yoga Vida

25 hr Yoga Therapeutics at Yoga Vida

16 hr Birth Doula training with Debra Pascali Bonaro

Introduction to Childbirth with Debra Pascali Bonaro

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates training at East River Pilates

Introduction to Trauma Informed Prenatal/Postnatal with Tara Tonini of Inhale to Exhale

Reiki 1 with Nicole Hooley

Prison Liberation Yoga workshop

Adjustment Lab at Yoga Sukhavati


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